Amanda has been leading our customer service team since 2009. She was born in Indiana and shares her home with her husband, daughter, and two dogs, a yorkie named Prince and a Shih Tzu named Zoom. She has no time for hobbies, who does with a 5 year old running around?


Adriana has been smiling in our front office since 2011. She is from Deland, FL. she enjoys spending time with her children visiting the beach, the springs. Her children are very active playing soccer, volleyball, and gymnastics. The family has done some traveling where they visited Cozumel, Mexico and the Cayman Islands.


Alicia is originally from Illinois and has been with AHC since 2016. She married her high school sweetheart 19 years ago and loves spending time with her granddaughter. She enjoys golf-carting, boating, camping, and spending time with family and friends. She is a proud 20 year member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles. She and her husband share their home with 8 cats! Nermal, Noggy, O’Malley, Cort, Grayson, Buddy, Sissy, and Little Key are their names. How do they keep them all straight!!


Pam has been with AHC since 2007. She is from Ft. Lauderdale, and went to school there and West Palm Beach. She enjoys dog showing, golf, and traveling. Pam shares her life with dogs, cats, chickens, exotic birds, and guinea fowl.


Stacy has been extending excellent pet care since 2011. She is originally from the Catskill Mountains of New York. She lives with her husband, Clayton, and their 3 dogs (Buddy, Hannah, Kramer) and 4 cats (Hink, Jackson, Sylvia, and Munchie). In her off time she enjoys canoeing, photography and bird watching.


Susie has been loving the patients in Crescent City since 2010. She has 3 dogs that share her living space named Cinnamon, Bucky, and Bonnie Blue. She enjoys canoeing, fishing, and painting (not houses, landscapes) 😛


Tina has been making dogs and cats pretty since 1989. She is the groomer AHC. She is originally from Texas. Tina lives with cats, dogs, and a horse. She enjoys horseback riding, and taking day trips.